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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sam Horn’s Take on Elevator Speeches!

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elevatorspeechMake your business stand out. “An ‘elevator’ introduction is not meant to be a sales pitch,” says Sam Horn, communication consultant and author of “Pop! Stand Out in Any Crowd.”

“The best way to capture interest in your small business is to ask an engaging, relevant question,” she says.

Thanks to Karen E. Klein for interviewing her on why “Elevator Speeches are NOT Supposed to Be Sales Pitches” for In this short podcast, they discuss a way to introduce yourself that leads to meaningful conversations and connections.

Take some time and click on the following link to listen to this interview. Click here! – (Requires QuickTime 7 or iTunes)

Bonus Resource: “Do You Have an Effective “30 Second Connection?”

Copyright © 2009 – Sam Horn. Sam Horn is an award-winning communication/creativity consultant with a 20 year track record of results with an international clientele including Fortune 500 Forum, Young Presidents Organization, Hewlett-Packard, NASA, Kaiser Permanente, National Governors Association, KPMG, Boeing, Intel and Capital One. She was selected (along with Tom Peters, Seth Godin and Jim Collins) to be a featured speaker at INC Magazine’s annual 500/5000 convention honoring the top entrepreneurial organizations in the country. Visit her Website.



  1. […] Power connectors are always ready with a “30-second connection” (or less) ; sometimes called an “elevator speech.” Read, “Sam Horn’s Take on Elevator Speeches!” […]

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  2. Thanks Larry for making my day. I hope your readers find that BusinessWeek podcast with Karen Klein interesting and useful.

    So many people have told me this idea has changed the way they meet people.

    Instead of thinking, “What can I say to get this person interested in me?” they switch their focus to “What does this person care about that we have in common?”

    Making that their focus kick-starts meaningful conversations and connections.

    Once again, thanks Larry for all the work YOU do to help people create win-win relationships.

    Comment by Sam Horn — Wednesday, November 25, 2009 @ 6:58 pm | Reply

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