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Monday, February 8, 2010

Can You Handle the Truth?

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Nancy Marmolejo, Guest Author –

Bubbles are bursting left and right as the voices of frustrated entrepreneurs air their grievances against solutions that may or may not work as well as the sales pages promise.

There’s a lot of “truth” going around, but is it really truth or is it hidden anger? I’m not a psychologist, I’m simply a student of human nature, but the amount of criticism and guru bashing going on is making me wonder.

Jack NicholsonI started seeing it in November (2009) when a big buzz around Ali Brown’s Shine event erupted. I didn’t attend the event, but a lot of people weren’t crazy about her new direction and took their issues very publicly. I think it was brave and courageous for the people who spoke up, but after a while it started to sound like a barrage of negativity. I got the message that it wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be, but after the 25th rant, it started to get old.

Then I saw others continue the trend (but taking it a notch higher) by naming names of marketers they didn’t like. Seriously… is that worth making a video or blog post over?

I think it’s important to share one’s opinion. In fact, I’ve shared my opinion plenty of times in this blog on things that I see simply don’t work. But jeez, I don’t scream out names, I do want to leave some dignity there!

Sure it’s fun to dish, but when you start being known for that (even in the name of Truth), people will forget about your wonderful talents and only focus on the fact that you’ve got a bone to pick with the world.

And trust… would you hire someone who talks crap about others? How do you know they’re not going to leave a knife in your back one day?

It’s important people speak up, but how about taking the high road and going for a constructive outcome? Otherwise it’s just a bunch of finger pointing.
As I ponder this, I realize a couple things:

1. Some people love the fight.

There are some people who love to be confrontational and get a big kick out of fighting and negativity. They thrive on it. I’m sure there’s a big unhealed emotional wound fueling the fire. I hope they get their heartbreak resolved or whatever is creating so much anger.

2. Cyber culture promotes drive by criticisms.

Just go on Yelp… the other day while looking for a shoe repair, I stumbled upon a review where the reviewer went on and on how PSYCHO the owners were. Who’s more psycho, the insane shoe repair owners or the customer who wrote the entire saga in morbid detail and LOTS OF CAPS which ended up sounding like someone’s therapy homework?

3. You Don’t Have to Play Along

I’m glad I hang with people who consider themselves heart based entrepreneurs, mission driven, and guided by a sense of doing good. We need more of you to turn things to the positive! I’m not saying to turn into the Happiness Police and deprive people of their right to express themselves, but be good facilitators and help point things towards constructive outcomes and greater understanding.

4. Truth is an Inside Job

If you’re so busy looking at what everyone else is doing wrong, does that mean you’re done working on yourself? Find your truth.

Nancy Marmolejo
Copyright © 2010 – Nancy Marmolejo. Nancy teaches heart based entrepreneurs how to turn their visibility into profitability with social media, and much more. With over 100 media credits to her name, Nancy is an expert at creating loyal followers who turn into pre-sold, ready to buy clients. Learn more about Nancy by visiting her blog

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