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Friday, May 7, 2010


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A hot lead or new business connection can cool very rapidly if you don’t follow-up. Following up is the only way to let them know that you are interested in pursuing a long-term relationship.

“Choose clients as you would friends.” – Charlie Munger

A lack of follow-up is one of the biggest mistakes a networker (or salesperson) can make!

Remember, most sales people fail because they never ask for the order and because they fail to follow-up on what they get started.

When you meet someone you would like to connect with again, simply say, “I’ve really enjoyed meeting you, and I’d like to keep in touch. What’s the best method to reach you?”

Two things will happen. Either they will politely blow you off or tell you their preferred contact method.

Don’t be a pest! If you pick up that they are simply not interested. . . let it go.

“Whisper words of wisdom. . . let it be!” ~ Sir Paul McCartney

Strive to make yourself memorable and distinguish yourself in a positive light. When re-connecting, reference a part of your conversation when you met. Can’t remember? When you meet someone you would like to follow-up with, write something special on the back of their business card that will help you remember. Let them know that you enjoyed talking with them. It will help them remember you.

I prefer to call. This is important: Know what you are going to say! Write out and read your intended message before you call. Be sure to leave a positive impression. Also be prepare if you get voice-mail. Have a short, pre written script prepared and leave it by your phone. Be prepared.

If you tell someone that you will call, do it. . . quickly! Keep your word. In business, integrity is everything.


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