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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Networking: Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together!

What are the pieces of the Networking puzzle? Perhaps it time to get the puzzle box out and look at what a successful networking plan might look like.

There is a tendency for networkers – those who are established as well as those who are just getting started – to start trying to put together the networking puzzle without first taking the time to determine what the final picture should look like, making sure they have all the pieces, and sorting out pieces that may belong to another puzzle. There are many pieces to these puzzles, but they all fit together perfectly. If one piece is missing, the picture can never be completed as intended.

collaboration1Networking not working for you? Are you puzzled about networking? Maybe you don’t have all pieces of the networking puzzle. Here is my noble attempt at piecing it all together. Perhaps today you will find the missing piece.

1. Have a good attitude. If you don’t believe that networking will work for you, you get to be right.

2. Choosing the right group for you. You’ll only want to invest your time and energy into a group that is active in your community as well as with each other. Don’t waste time with groups that will not provide the type of connections your business needs. Professional associations are also well aware – and supportive – of the need for their members and potential members to network.

3. Direction. Get some networking training. Read about how others who are successful at networking do it. Connect with someone who has “been there and done it.” Request mentoring.

4. Be fully present. Pay attention. Your purpose is to develop and nurture mutually beneficial relationships with colleagues and potential business associates. It is important to read, to watch, to talk with others and, especially, to listen.

5. Commitment. Commitment by its very nature implies some action to be taken to achieve a desire, a dream or a goal.

6. Be active. Active involvement, i.e., joining committees, writing articles for newsletters, etc., will enable you to get positive exposure – and enhance your positioning, as well as open up greater opportunities to meet new colleagues.

7. Networking is about giving!

8. Be Patient. Long-term business relationships are not built on the first meeting.

9. Be Memorable.

10. Be Visible. Show up at Networking events. Work the room.

just like the jigsaw puzzle, it takes some time to get everything in the right place. Sometimes you do not seem to be making much progress and you walk away frustrated and some quit. Never quit! Networking is much too important to your business to quit.

Gradually little bits and pieces that seemed to make no sense at first suddenly become an important part of the whole picture. Ah! The sweet smell of success!

When you ask good questions, you will gain insights into how you can become a valuable resource in solving the networking puzzle and becoming an active promoter for those in your network.

When combined, all these pieces of the puzzle form the perfect picture for creating long term residual income. Hopefully this will help all the pieces of the networking puzzle to fall into place.

Puzzle complete!


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