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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Creative Ways to Self-Promote!

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It’s no secret: to get ahead, (Get it? A head!) you have to self-promote. Everyone seems to have a different idea of what works when you are self-promoting. You sing the praises of your products to the consumer and boast of the superiority of your services to potential clients in order to stand out from the competition. . . and to self-promote!

The first rule of self-promotion is to be the best version of yourself and your business. Self-promotion that doesn’t follow this rule comes off as false, forced, and ultimately very forgettable. The key is to inform, not brag.

Self- promotion is the art of spreading creative ideas, new concepts, visions and getting people involved without boasting. It’s important to think about self-promoting as sharing – sharing ideas and information that your audience is interested in and that may help them to remember you when they are ready to utilize your product or services. Creating buzz around your ideas is essential.

Be sure to “weigh your words.” Zip your lip and think before you speak. You can’t unring a bell. Once your words or printed promotional pieces are out there – just one slip of the tongue – and it’s too late to take them back. Insincerity and inauthenticity casts a wide shadow. Bad marketing wastes a lot of time. Focus your message towards people who most need or want to hear it.

“It’s a commonly known phenomenon – when your name/company name appears in print and is being promoted by the press, its level of visibility and credibility rises exponentially.” ~ Sandy Spadaro

self-promotionI bought a video name tag to wear at networking events. It has 2 gigs of memory and has a slide show of some of the brides and grooms I have performed wedding ceremonies for, plus two short videos of me in action at a wedding. It gets a lot of attention and gives me the opportunity to give a few brief details of what I do.

“Create an ‘As Seen In’ section on your Website. Anytime you’re quoted or your business is mentioned in a semi-reputable news outlet, plaster their logo on your site. Anytime you receive an industry award, toss the group’s name or logo in that section, too.” ~ Chris Birk

selfpromotecartoonStart a BLOG. Churn out valuable content and network until your eyes bleed. Don’t make it a commercial about YOU. Have a clear vision about what your visitors want. Post valuable content of interest to those who may choose to eventually do business with you. Next, promote the heck out of your blog. Put the URL on everything you send out of your office, e.g., business cards, letterhead, flyers, etc. Let keywords link to other article as I have done in this article. Be a “Guest Author” on other people’s blogs.

One of the most effective ways to get the word out about you, your products, and your websites is through article marketing. It’s a simple concept. You write an interesting, useful article and get it published with a brief 2 or 3 line bio and a link back to your Website. Article marketing is a type of advertising in which businesses write short articles related to their respective industry. These articles are made available for distribution and publication and to Websites as great content. I’ve written more than 700 articles on topics that are relevant to what I do. They have been quoted in Cosmopolitan, Red Book, Modern Bride, Arizona Weddings and numerous other magazines and Websites. I don’t charge for a reprint of one of my articles. The publicity I receive is my payment.


Click the book cover for more info about my friend, Raleigh Pinskey’s, terrific book!

With the advent of Twitter and Facebook, self-promotion and “personal branding” has reached near obnoxious proportions. Since I’ve written 3 books about relationships, I Tweet only one relationship tip everyday like clockwork. These Tweets automatically are published to my more than 3,500 Facebook followers who then post them for their friends. I have 4 Blogs (see links below). All Blog articles are automatically posted on Facebook. Because of this my wedding Blog now receives over 200 hits “per day” – that’s about 6,000 new visitors each month.

NEVER send mass e-mail from a list you purchased from someone else. Start your own list. It must be permission based. If other words, they must sign up to receive your eZINE or online newsletter. People who subscribe to my “LoveNotes for Lovers” eZINE know that they will only receive one e-mail each month. My list now serves more than 8,700 people who are interested in relationships. You have every right to toot your own horn in your e-ZINE, as long as you don’t drown out the useful content your readers are looking for. Next, promote your eZINE.

CLoveLOGOI had several quality t-shirts printed (on the front and back) that promote my relationship Website. I wear them to jazz concerts and other events around Scottsdale. It says, “I (heart)!” and features the logo.

Self-promotion works and you have to work it – consistently!

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