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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Your Chatter Matters!

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How you speak about yourself and your business has everything to do with how people speak about and think about you and your business. The words you use are critical to your success. They help us express ourselves and communicate with people in our network. They also do another important thing… they create the buzz you need to get ahead.

THINKIf what you do matters… express yourself and if you’re going to say something, say something that really matters!

There are so many new ways for us all to communicate with each other – cell phones, e-mail and the internet. It great to use these devices but as my friend, Susan RoAne says in her new book, Face to Face: How to Reclaim the Personal Touch in a Digital World, “Stop relying on technology to communicate with clients and increase your number of face to face meetings.” Your ability to interact and connect in “real time” and in-person is increasingly important.

Since the true purpose of this blog is not to sell, but to teach, here are a few ideas for you to chew on.

• Practice, drill and rehearse stuff to say that will help you grab the spotlight. Think about this before you speak and make it something that truly gets attention. This takes preparation. Know it so when you speak it, it gives the impression of being spontaneous. Anything you expect to do well must be practiced.

• Push forward when your fear is telling you to stop. The more seft-confidence you demonstrate the more fearless you will become. Allow the person observing you to hear the truth of your inspiration. Good thoughts and actions can never produce bad results.

• Resuscitate your “30-Second Connection.” Make it active, vigorous and a real game changer. Redesign it to better define your brand. Express it so that people will want to know more about what you do.

• Inspire interactive discussions. Be sure to stop often and LISTEN! Never dominate the conversation. Don’t just talk about business. Think strategically. Speak about things that are interesting to others that eventually leads to conversations about business and how you can assist each other.

• Reveal a few “trade secrets.” Tell a few things that have allowed you to jump ahead of your competition in your business genre. Don’t over do it. Let them know how you stay connected with others in your network of support. Give them a few trick of “your” trade and leave them wanting more.

walkthewalk• Established a clear reason why people in your network should want to connect with you. Make it something they can relate to. Established a sense of urgency – one that has momentum. Be clear so others will get your commitment to excellence.

• Developed a clear set of messages that defined your vision of effective business networking. Paint a picture that shows them how they can achieve more by giving more. Be prolific and consistent. Show the strength of your convictions and be authentic.

“Despite dreams of a world in which the best ideas win simply because they should, we live in a world where the fate of ideas hinges on how well you talk about what you’ve made, or what you want to make.” ~ Scott Berkun

Hmmm. In looking over the points I made above I’m seeing that what I am really talking about is communicating your message more effectively. Make your conversations two-way and always face-to-face. Be the encourager. Make what you say interesting and focused.

Become someone who everyone looks to as an example of truth, honesty, competence and efficiency. Be the role model of effective business networking.

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