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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Networking Requires Accepting Responsibility

To be responsible has been defined as “involving personal accountability;” “being the source or cause of something;” and “able to be trusted or depended upon;” “reliable.”

coveyWhat do you suppose would happen if you made a commitment to be totally accountable to yourself for every aspect of your life? What would happen if you accepted the fact that you are the source and the cause of everything you do? What if you were able to be trusted and depended upon? What if you were absolutely reliable? What if you were count-on-able? Would this make a difference in your business, in your relationships, in your life? How would it make a difference? Think about it. This is a serious commitment, isn’t it? It is one you should consider.

Most everyone would agree that on the surface, you are honest, trustworthy, count-on-able, and reliable. You try hard to project that kind of image and yet perhaps life doesn’t seem to be working for you like you think it should. If you are lying to yourself; if, deep inside, you know integrity is lacking, then quit being a phony, and do something about it. Where is your commitment to be true to yourself? Where is your commitment to total integrity?

We are talking about the kind of commitment that you stand on. One that becomes a part of who you are. There can be no wavering in this commitment. Your actions demonstrate your commitment. From this kind of commitment you gain strength, support and power.

Be honest with yourself. Only when you are completely honest with yourself, can you be completely honest with other people. What’s your integrity level? Integrity has been defined as “the quality or state of being complete; unbroken condition; wholeness; entirety.” When you have integrity, you can have anything you want. Integrity allows you to live life at its fullest. Integrity isn’t about being good or bad. It’s about keeping your word to yourself only because you said you would. Integrity is living your life as your word, like your life depends on it. It does, you know. The foundation of power is integrity. There is power in having personal integrity.

Sometimes we have a tendency to try to pull one over on life; to lie to ourselves; to not totally tell the truth to others; to slide by; to cut corners; to withhold; to not give our all in our relationships with our family and friends and your networking support system; to sleaze-out on our promises; to coast; to not follow-up; to make excuses. There are only “results” or “reasons why.” The reasons why are called excuses. Excuses rob us of accomplishment.

NeverFailFollowUpResponsibility is two words. Response and ability. Think about it. How do you rate your ability to respond? What is your response ability? Choose a response that will empower you. Responses that come from anger and resentment disempowerment you! If you consistently find yourself responding in this way, you can use some work in this area.

Accept responsibility for a bright future. If things aren’t happening for you the way you want them to, you must accept responsibility that you may be spending too much time thinking about what you don’t want. You can’t win if you are always thinking about losing. Change your thinking, change your behavior and you change your life! What gets your total concentration gets you. Give up worrying about your circumstance and do something about it.

When you network with others, you have a responsibility to always be operating at your highest level. You consistently look for business referrals because you know it’s expected. You acknowledge that you must give referrals if you ever expect to receive any. You request one-on-one meetings with people in your network that you would like to know better. You follow-up immediately on the business leads that you do receive because you know that a lack of immediate follow-up is one of the biggest mistakes people in networking and salespeople in general make.

If you want business networking to pay off big for you, you must accept responsibility to be accountable to yourself for your own success. All it takes is a decision to stay on top of the game; to make yourself some new promises to yourself that from now on you are in it to win it; that you will do whatever it takes to make networking work better than it ever has. And you know that it is only and always up to you.

Do you have what it takes? What are you willing to do differently? Can you do that for yourself?


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