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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Amplify Your Influence!

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How do you amplify your influence?

We are all eager to have our horns tooted! We can toot our own horns through branding, social media, e-mail, special events, etc.

TootHere is a tip: Toot others’ horns first! Instead of focusing all the conversation about you and your business, celebrate the successes of others. Brag about those in your network with whom you have either used their services or you know from personal experience that they are good at what they do and you want to share this information with others.

If you want to amplify your own influence try amplifying the influence of others. If you want others to pay attention to you and your business, pay attention to them.

By being aware of the good things of others going on in your community, you can help others enter into others’ circles of influence. By celebrating others’ success, you will call attention to yourself and have the opportunity to shine your own light.

When it is your turn to toot… do so with finesse… NEVER overdo it. Be subtle. Tell them just enough to make them want to know more.

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