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Saturday, November 23, 2013

No Purpose? No Goals!

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No purpose, no goals! It’s that simple. Confusion about purpose causes confusion about setting goals. Until you determine your purpose, you may always be in a state of confusion about setting goals. If you don’t know why you are here and what you are here to accomplish, how can you effectively design a blueprint for your life that works? Remember, a purpose is something bigger than your own personal wishes; it is something for which you exist.

purposeWhat is a purpose you could design that you could stay committed to for life? What is that something that fires your soul; that something that when everything seems to be going wrong, you can hold onto; that something that you know you can stand for; that something that has you feel you are making a contribution; that something from which you gain courage; that something that gives you the strength to continue?

Some years ago a very successful businessman asked me what my purpose in life was. I began telling him about my goals. He let me go on and on about my goals, then again asked, “Larry, what is your purpose in life?” I was ashamed to admit that I didn’t know nor had I ever considered the question. He added, “How do you know what kind of goals to set if you don’t know what your purpose in life is?” I suddenly realized that many of the goals I had were inconsistent. They weren’t in sync with each other. I had always had problems deciding what I wanted. Maybe this was the answer. It was. I thought about it for weeks. It was on my mind daily. I started asking myself a lot of questions. What was I really up to in life?

After much thinking, I determined that I felt best about myself when I was in the service of others, when I was making a contribution to someone who needed assistance. Most of my life, I had been involved in projects where those who were closely associated with me received a benefit and so did I. Purpose for me had to be a win-win situation, something that was mutually beneficial. I decided to sum it all up in four words; “Helping others help themselves.” That was it; a purpose I could exist for.

I also decided that I would be okay with whatever I did that helped me fulfill that purpose. The key was to decide. Once the decision was made, I experienced a freedom I had not known before. This was a major breakthrough for me. I now felt free to do whatever I needed to do, instead of feeling that I had to be locked into a particular line of work. If my actions were consistent with helping me fulfill my purpose, I continued. If they weren’t, I altered my position and approached it from another angle.

Nothing should be cast in bronze except your purpose. Goals may change; purpose, never. When you know your purpose, what you do to fulfill that purpose generally will show up when you are ready to do it! You must always be willing to change direction. Do something different if what you are currently doing doesn’t support you in fulfilling your purpose. Do something different if your goals get out of alignment with your purpose. Be flexible. Be willing to change.

What does this have to do with business networking? Everything! Smart people who network know the value and benefit of taking time to define their purpose so they can be more clear about what goals they need to have when networking. They are often the first to read the latest book on networking and to be the first to enroll in a networking seminar. I encourage you to have one of your goals be to learn as much as you can about something that will help you be more prosperous in their lives and business… that something is Networking!

Discover your purpose and design a “specific intention” (Translation: GOAL) to make the most of life while you are here. It is solitarily your most important responsibility.

No purpose? no goals. Know purpose! Know goals!

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