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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Give Generously and Graciously

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Whether you are new to networking or an old-timer when it comes to networking… perhaps one of the most important points to remember is based upon giving generously and graciously.

NETGiveGenerouslyAlthough reciprocity is important, learn to give without expectation of return; people will notice. Learn the definition of networking and adopt it as your guideline:

“Networking is using your creative talents to help others achieve their goals as you cultivate a network of people strategically positioned to support you in your goals… expecting nothing in return!” ~ Larry James

Never be put off by the fact that others in your network of support may not be as generous as you – just keep on giving generously. When others notice that you give so generously, you will certainly be acknowledged for being a great giver.

Others will automatically be drawn to you to simply be associated with you. They will introduce you to other great, gracious givers and this is when it gets serious… your network will truly begin to grow. Those relationships will be deep and meaningful. Believe me, that is how networking works.

Remember, networking and selling DO NOT mix! Think of yourself as a solution-finder, rather than a sales person. Be of assistance to others. “How can I help you?” is a great question to ask everyone you meet.

It’s important to “make” time to really get to know the people in your network. Book breakfasts, lunches, visits to each other’s places of business. Spend time with them. Ask lots of questions. That’s how relationships begin. When enough time passes you will learn more about them as a person, their business, their likes and dislikes and you will begin to know them well enough to make some headway with referrals.

You should also realize that the fruits of networking don’t happen overnight; in fact they take a lot of time and energy. When you stick with it, the magic really will occur.

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