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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Always Wear Your Name Tag When Networking!

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Ivan Misner, Guest Author

Always wear your name tag!

We’ve heard every possible excuse not to wear name tags, and all of them can be rebutted:

NETname-tag“Name tags look silly.” Yes, they do. But, remember, everyone else is wearing one, too.

“Name tags ruin my clothes.” Not if you wear them on the edge of your lapel, or use cloth-safe connectors, like lanyards and plastic clips.

“But I already know everybody.” No, you don’t. You may think you do, but people join and leave businesses and organizations all the time.

“But everyone already knows me.” No, they don’t. Even the best networkers know there’s always someone new to meet.

Your name tag is your best friend for several reasons. First of all, a person’s name is the single piece of personal information most often forgotten – and people are less likely to approach you if they don’t know (or have forgotten) your name.

Second, it’s free advertising for you and your company. Third, name tags encourage people to be friendly and more approachable.

Larry’s TIPs: Always place your name tag on the right side of your clothing. That way, as you shake hands, the line of your arm draws the other person’s attention directly to the name tag. Emily Post’s Etiquette Daily website agrees with my friend from Texas that the name tag should be worn on the right so that it’s easier to read. When you meet someone new, call them by their name right away. This will assist you in remembering their name.

If you can, avoid “hanging” name tags. The length is hard to estimate and therefore the tags usually end up somewhere close to your belly. It’s embarrassing if you’re already supposed to know the person and you’re looking at their belly for a prompt to remember their name. If name tags are provided at an event, use them. Don’t be a name tag snob. They really are there to make meeting and greeting others easier. They reduce potential awkward moments and help you remember names gracefully.

NOTE: The name tag image above shows my networking business card. The front side usually has my first name in large letters and my last name in smaller letters under my first name and business cards stashed behind my name tag to keep them handy.

BONUS Article: Seven Deadly Sins of Ineffective Name Tags

Larry’s NOTE:  Need a “last-minute” name tag for you networking meeting?  Fill out a FREE Designers template for a temporary name tag or badge insert at:

MisnerCopyright © 2014 – Ivan Misner. Called the father of modern networking, Dr. Ivan Misner is the Founder of BNI and the senior partner for the Referral Institute. He has written nine books, including his New York Times best seller, Truth or Delusion? Busting Networking’s Biggest Myths.


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