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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Are You Asking the “Right” Questions?

Wes Hopper, Guest Author

“In today’s world of persuasion, being able to ask the right questions is more important than producing the right answers. Unfortunately most of our training has the opposite emphasis. They teach us how to answer questions, but not how to ask the right ones.” – Daniel Pink

NET-RightQuestionsToday’s quote comes from an excellent book on sales, but the insight is valuable in many areas of our lives. After all, unless you’re a hermit you have to interact with people, and understanding the psychology of persuasion will help you a lot!

First, let’s get something clear. Persuasion is not the ability to con people into doing or buying something they don’t really want or need. Persuasion is the ability to ethically inform people of the value, to them, of what you’re suggesting, so that they can receive the value of whatever that is.

Questions are a big help in this process, because they allow you to discover if the product, service or idea will really be of value to them. If not, then you can look for another solution, or allow them to move on. They will appreciate that, and so will you.

You can ask questions like, “What is the problem or need that this will solve? How has this made things more difficult? What solutions have you tried already?” You can use this approach in your family as will as your work, because these kinds of issues are pretty universal.

One of the least understood benefits, though, is that by asking questions you are empowering the other person. You are allowing them to be unique, and that makes you, in many cases, the only person that has ever really listened to them.

And, believe me, people people really want to be listened to!

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