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Sunday, September 6, 2015

How to Be Unforgettable

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Kathy McAfee, Guest Author

It all started by meeting Beth Pite on an ordinary day. It became quite an extraordinary networking connection. Meeting Beth was and will remain an unforgettable beginning. I will always be grateful to her and the Universe for bringing us together. That’s the magic of networking!

What makes people unforgettable in your mind?

NET-UnforgettableI asked Beth Pite what makes people unforgettable in her mind. She answered thoughtfully with the following perspective:

“There are different kinds of unforgettable. Your question suggests someone who stays with me for decades, which is partly habit, but largely shared history (jokes, memories of escapades and relationships, remembering birthdays with a card, etc.) In your case, it’s the shared history plus your unique energy.

What makes a relatively new person unforgettable is different. It might be a signature style (a guy who always wears bowties, a woman who always wears a hat) or creativity (a man with colorful clothing, a women who always has eye-catching jewelry or shoes.) It might be humor or a slightly off-center way of expressing themselves in presentations and business discussions.

I remember a few specific incidents that make the point. A professor at Wharton stated that a suitable ethical standard for business was not “getting through the day un-indicted.” An expert witness said “I can explain it to you, but I can’t understand it for you.” A client said “If you see a turtle on a fence post, he didn’t get there by himself.” These are all unique and memorable ways of saying things that would otherwise be fairly trite.”

Six Ways to Become Unforgettable

“You care, you dare and you share; this is the unforgettable rule of every true believer and achiever.” ~ Isrealmore Ayivor, author of Daily Drive 365: Positive Thoughts for Positive Living

Always be networking. Be open to the possibilities that anybody can become significant to your life, and you to theirs. Don’t prematurely judge the potential of a human connection. We are all connected in weird and wonderful ways.
Diversify your network, build relationships, and grow your sphere of influence daily.

Help other people. As noted in my book, the spirit of networking is helping others & asking for help. Give comes before Get. Help yourself by helping others. Make it a daily practice of paying it forward by helping strangers as well as people in your network. It will come back to you in wonderful ways!

Stay in touch over time. The goal is to build a relationship, not just a connection. Social media is nice, but it’s not enough. Stand out by doing what other people are reluctant to do: a) write personal cards and letters, 2) make the effort to share a meal; 3) pick up the telephone and let them hear your voice; 4) connect them to other people that can help accelerate their business,career or life. Face time will accelerate any relationship.

“You may like me. You may not like me. But, one thing is for damned sure…you will never forget me.” ~ Peter Cimino, author of The Four Corners- A Sicilian Story

Express your appreciation. Let them know how they impacted your life. Don’t just think about your gratitude, share it. Reach out and remind people how important they are/have been in your life. Share the love with words of affirmation and personal communication.

imagesBring good energy and positivity to every encounter. Nothing stands out like a good attitude. Realistic and optimistic are not mutually exclusive. Don’t blame your personality for your negative thinking or communication ineffectiveness. There are things you can do to shift your energy in more positive directions. (e.g., eat well, rest/sleep well, exercise, hang out with positive people, practice gratitude, and avoid consumption of negative/violent/sensational news reports,movies, media, etc.)

Be the extraordinary person that you were meant to be. Don’t settle for ordinary, average, or good enough. Embody the leader that you strive to be in all that you do and say. Be extraordinary when you are with people, by being fully present. Don’t allow yourself to get distracted with your Smartphone, your email, or your To Do List. Prioritize and invest in your own personal development …until the day that you die. Don’t forget about yourself. After all, you are unforgettable!

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KathyCopyright 2015 – Kathy McAfee. Kathy McAfee is America’s Marketing Motivator and author of the book, “Networking Ahead for Business.” In her role as an Executive Presentation Coach and Motivational Speaker, Kathy helps her clients become the recognized leaders in their field by mastering the arts of high engagement presentations and more effective networking. Learn more at her Website: and


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