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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Networking is a Blueprint for Change!

Within the concept of networking is a blueprint for change. With change comes new ways of thinking. If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always gotten. Change your blueprint… change your business!

There is only one way to keep your career growing. YOU must keep growing. Develop an unshakable, unstoppable mindset that will give you the competitive advantage in your industry. Ask the men and women who network about the personal growth they have experienced. Ask them about how much better they feel about themselves now that they are doing more of what the pros do.

NET-BlueprintIt takes courage to network; do put yourself “out there;” to consistently move toward something better; to become the someone you look up to. The more you network, the more courage you receive. Be courageous and you will discover more courage!

Unless you are committed to doing more than you’ve done before, you will feel some discomfort when becoming involved in networking. This is natural. You will be in the presence of doers. You, who are not doing, may be confronted by this. Thus, you may feel uncomfortable.

People who do more get results! They are actively engaged in activities that feed their enthusiasm for their calling. For them, backward in not an option. They are on “fast forward.” They get things done. They make every minute count when they are networking. They are aware of the “net” result. They know that what you put out to the universe, always comes back to you. They are dedicated to doing good for others.

How many successful people do you know? Network to get to know more. The energy they dedicate to helping others is infectious. Attitude counts! It is often the biggest impediment to productive networking experiences. Listen to their success stories. Adapt their skill sets. Listen for the opportunity that a fresh perspective presents. For me, it’s a lesson in inspiration; inspiring me to be the best I can be.

“Great networkers treat their network like a bank account, considering each connection as a relationship invested. They weigh up its value captured in their ‘balance sheet,’ long before they consider their actions reflected in the ‘P&L.'” ~ Patrick O’Brien

For a horse, one inch farther often wins the race. In networking, you never know when the next contact you make may be the one inch that puts you in the winner’s circle.

Networkers play too! When they play, they have fun. They know that the time they devote to social and recreational activities with family and friends pays off with a sense of having recharged their batteries. After 11 years of networking, my friend, Nancy Siegel (Tulsa, OK) advises: “Know when to stop and recharge. Learn how to say “no” to please yourself instead of “yes” to please others. when you network, network! When you play, play!”

Remember too, the energy level of successful people operates above average because they love who they are and what they do.

Above average people network for above average results. They know a good thing when they see one. They stick with it. They are the above average men and women who have discovered a wonderful contact sport called “networking” and are still making new and exciting personal and business contacts after “all these years.”

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netHQCopyright © 2015 – Larry James. Adapted from Larry’s latest book, Ten Commitments of Networking: Creative Ways to Maximize Your Personal Connections! Larry James is a Professional Speaker, Author and Networking Coach. He presents networking seminars nationally and “Networking” coaching by telephone or one-on-one. Something NEW about Networking is posted on this Networking BLOG every 4th day! Visit Larry’s Networking Website at: “Networking HQ!”

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