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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Your Work… Is It the Right Work for You?

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Recently, after presenting my “10 Commitments of Networking” talk to a networking group, I was talking to a networker who told me that she subscribes to this blog and reads every article, but no matter what she does, nothing seems to work. I asked her if she loved what she did. The answer was an emphatic, “No!”

No wonder networking was not working for her!

I hate my jobSo… the question is, if you don’t love what you do, how can you be successful at it and how do you expect to make networking work for you? People can tell. They can look at you and know that you don’t believe in what you do. It’s nearly impossible to be successful if your thinking about your work is off track.

It’s tough to go to work every day when you hate it, but don’t tell the world – especially on social media, because the wrong person is probably going to see what you posted. Keep it to yourself as you look for something better. You don’t want to lose your job before you start looking for a new one. Do your best to make the job work while you are there.

Get ready to leave. Don’t obviously pack your bags and head for the door, but lay the groundwork for your departure. When you do find better work, leave gracefully, giving at least a two weeks notice and never mention to them that you hated your job. Companies check references. They ask about previous employers in interviews and what you say really does matter.

The truth is, you are only limited by what you think about most of the time. What you think about and speak about, you bring about. If you do not love what you do, most likely that is what your mind is focused on. You’re stuck! It’s like your foot is nailed to the floor. You dug the hole with your stinkin’ thinking! Now it’s time to get the heck out of the hole. That means getting out of your discomfort zone.

If you think you cannot find a better line of work… you’re right! You can look and pray for a new opportunity, however you must be intent upon actively “looking” for something new. It rarely just drops into your lap. Be honest. Figure out if it’s you or the job that’s making your life miserable.

Some will say that you could network for a new job. I agree. However, a definite change in your attitude about yourself and your job must come first. You will be surprised how much of a difference that will make. Never talk about how you hate your job, and don’t lead with the fact that you are looking. Ask questions about them, if you like what you hear you may say something like, “If you hear of anything like that opening up, I’d love to to know about it!” and go from there.

I do not feel sorry for people who stay stuck because they are the cause of the problem and only they get do something about it.

Read the following quote by Steve Jobs several times. (That means: More than once!). 😉 Print it and put it on your mirror as a reminder to find work that you love and that provides a worthwhile service to others – work that you can love and be proud of. Then watch what happens!


“People often stay in jobs they don’t like because they don’t realize what else they can do,” says Maggie Mistal, a career consultant, radio host and speaker. “They haven’t taken the time to identify what makes them happy or where their talents lie. They haven’t clarified their values and thought about how they’d like to use their abilities to make a difference and align their work with their purpose. Too often people assume work is supposed to be a chore so they don’t even look for anything other than that when embarking on a career.”

Still stuck? You’ve got some work to do! Get busy!

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