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Wednesday, September 5, 2012


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How do you handle those flashes of insight that reveal great new ideas? Do you discount them as soon as they come? These are really interesting questions.

JuzdooetSome people sit on them and do nothing. Others haven’t a clue about what to do. A very few have that light bulb go on over their head and immediately get busy! When you know what you should be doing and you don’t do it, you are headed down the wrong path.

How can you justify your hesitancy to deal with them? You can’t!

Solution: Don’t trust your brain to remember them for you. As ideas come… get them out of your head and onto paper. Take notes. Scribbling your idea on a cocktail napkin works too. You can always do something with them later, but don’t let those ideas get away.

An idea could be a new sales technique, a new way to network or a unique way of presenting yourself at a networking event, an interesting way to follow-up, a topic to blog about or just about anything. Ideas some in many varieties. New ideas are not always about business.

“If the idea isn’t executed, we never had it. Regardless of size, quality, passion, practicality, coolness or marketability, until we physically ship the idea out the door, it doesn’t exist. That’s why ideas are free and execution is priceless. That’s why finished is the new perfect. That’s why version done is better than version none. Because ideas were never meant to stay that way. The true measure of success isn’t the idea itself. It’s how it evolves, where it changes us, how it inspires others, why it matters to us, and most importantly, what the idea eventually grows into.” ~ Scott Ginsberg

There’s nothing more exciting than putting remarkable ideas into action. The inspiration you need for success when networking – or anything else – is so close at hand that you hardly notice it. To find it, you merely need to look. Entrepreneurs typically have no shortage of ideas.

Inspiration and ideas are flighty. If you don’t immediately give them the attention they deserve, they move on. Before you know it you will read that someone else cashed in on the idea that you could have. Some people are so protective of their ideas because they are afraid someone else with steal them. Guess what? Fear will keep you from success.

idea_great1Think you never get any good ideas? Think again. Refreshing ideas are everywhere. To find them you must be looking for them. Pay attention.

Let’s face it. Not every idea is a good one. Some work. Some crash and burn. They get dumped. However, pushing “pause” when one comes to you doesn’t work. At least explore its possibilities.

If a new idea comes to me, I have a network of support (that supports what I do) to present it to. I trust these people totally. They are my collaborators or personal “think tank.” People love to be consulted. I imagine the possibilities, then put aside my ego and ask for their opinion. Asking helps them to relax, gain confidence in me and helps them know that I don’t pretend to know all the answers.

I have an “idea bucket list.” Some ideas need to marinate. Let them simmer for later use. Another idea you get later may be just the thing to make it work.

Some ideas test my self-confidence. That doesn’t prevent me from creatively pursuing them with determination. I have had ideas that I have sometimes call “stupid,” but someone else in the group offered another twist that made it work better. I have learned that even if it’s stupid but work, it isn’t stupid.

Many people I meet at networking events have lots of interesting ideas about how to make networking work. The best idea is to take your time to build relationships with others in your network. I often will ask people at these events what their best idea is that makes networking work for them.

“Juzdooet!” ~ Marie Forleo

Ideas were never meant to stay that way. Ideas are no good whatsoever unless they are activated! Without execution, ideas really will just stay that way. It’s time to take your big ideas off the back burner!

The point is this: When you get a good idea… don’t let it die on the vine – juzdooet!


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