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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Asked to Speak at Your Networking Meeting?

So… you’ve been asked to make a presentation at your networking meeting to tell others more about your business. A good refresher is to be reminded of the basics of a presentation and that you are doing your best to make a great first impression. Focus on being as relaxed as possible and get your butterflies all flying in the same formation.

Speak up so everyone can hear you. This is especially important. Dress well. Practice and rehearse. Watch your language – no cuss words, ever! If you have not stood before a group to speak before, do your best to have a few specific points that you want to share. Perhaps 5 or 10 key points and decide how much time you can devote to each point. Don’t ramble. Be prepared. Focus one of your points on how you can help them. Come up with a clever, catchy title for your talk. Don’t stress. Your group is only interested in hearing more about your business. Never worry about getting it right… they have no clue of what you are going to day so you can’t get it wrong.

NETSpeak2GroupCapture the audiences attention by telling them something about you that they didn’t know. You may want to offer a handout with the points you would like them to remember. Be sure your business and contact information is visible. Upload your most important points on your blog for all to see and put the URL on your handout. Know how much time you have and don’t go over. Have someone at the back of the room, how up a 2 minute warning sign. Leave some time at the end of your talk for a few questions they may have.

My friend, Larry Winget, wrote a book called, “Just Do This Stuff” and from the chapter called, “How to Make a Better Business Presentation” he shares the following 19 QuickTips:

1. Know the message you would like to have your audience leave with. Make sure they leave with it.

2. Establish and maintain eye contact. Look at the friendly faces in the crowd.

3. Be natural. You can only be yourself anyway, so enjoy it.

4. Take some deep breaths before going on.

5. Picture yourself doing well. (Your audience really does want you to do well and will help you if you will give them the chance.

6. Humor is always appropriate. That doesn’t mean you have to be a stand-up comic. It just means that everyone will enjoy your presentation more and will retain the information better if they have enjoyed themselves.

7. Have a strong opening and a strong finish. Your audience will forgive you for most of what goes on in between.

8. Never admit that you are anything but prepared, confident, and ready, Chances are they will never know the difference. And if you really aren’t, why are you there to begin with?

9. Move around, but don’t pace.

10. Visuals should be uncluttered and extremely simple.

11. Never put down anyone in your audience for any reason.

12. Use gestures. Make them appropriate to the point you are making.

13. Accept that you will make mistakes. Big deal. People rarely die from making speeches.

14. Involve your audience by assigning a mental task to perform, by having them raise their hands, by making them move around, by using names, or by asking them to write down something you just said or are about to say.

15. Style is important. Get some.

16. Facial expressions are important. Have one.

17. Practice.

18. Believe what you have to say. People will pay very little attention to what you have to say. Most won’t even believe what you have to say. However, they will pay attention to see if “you” believe what you have to say.

19. Finish on time, regardless of when you went on. People become hostile when they are held past the expected time.

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