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Friday, September 18, 2015

How to Choose a Networking Group

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Susan Bierly, Guest Author

Joining the right networking group can make or break your networking success. Once you take the “Networking Assessment” ask yourself the million-dollar question… Would you refer your #1 Client or your Mother to the members of the group? If the answer is no, walk away, no… RUN!

Things to consider:

NET-ChooseGroup• The type of companies involved (are they marketing to the same end user you are?)
• The percentage of B2B verses B2C members
• Would you have a sphere if you joined?
• How many people were sitting down before the meeting started? (should be zero)
• Are the infomercials (elevator speeches/30-second connections) professional, informative and timed?
• Do the members ask for something specific during his or her infomercial?
• How many referrals are being passed?
• When passing referrals, was there apparent successor “fluff”? People have a tendency to “ramble” and say how great everyone is when they have no referrals to pass
• How many members are in the group?
• How many members were absent the day you visited?
• Atmosphere – is it welcoming? Do they approach you and introduce themselves?
• Do they ask what you do and have a genuine interest in your answer?
• Was the meeting controlled and professional? Was there disruptive side bar chatter?
• Does the meeting start and end on time?
• Are members there early to network?
• Are there guests?
• Did they have a handout for guests on the sign in table?
• Does the group have a mentoring program?
• Did you walk away with the feeling of “I like these people and I felt comfortable?
• Did the facilitator and the members contact you by e-mail, phone or mail after the meeting?

Larry’s NOTE: There are many things to consider when choosing a networking group. Choose carefully. You will want your investment of time to be worth it. I always want to know if the group has a “community” presence. Use Susan’s suggestions and get more info from the Bonus Articles below.

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SusanBierlyCopyright 2015 – Susan Bierly. Susan Bierly is Co-founder of CORE Networking, President of IMC Water Coolers and is an expert in personal and corporate training on sales and networking. Susan has successfully grown her companies over the past 27 years through networking; referrals and repeat business and has never engaged in paid advertising for any of her businesses. Feel free to reach out to Susan at if she can be of help to you or your organization.


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