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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Reinvent Yourself!

Many people who talk about reinventing yourself are talking about reinventing your business. I’d like to point out that the biggest percentage of those who come to me with a business problem do, in fact, need to reinvent their business, but first they fail to see that they need to reinvent themselves from the inside out first.

One of the most powerful and challenging crossroads is where personal and business sometimes collides. When your business is not working like you know it should, it’s time to take an honest look at yourself instead of blaming the market, your spouse, your boss, etc. Problems at home? Start there if you want business to work better. You’ve heard it before and I will say it again, your overall attitude about how your life is going has an enormous effect on how your business progresses.

NET-ReInventReinvention is easier said than done! Reinventing yourself can be exciting and scary and seldom ever smooth, but rewarding beyond what you can imagine.

“What would it be like to start living the life you’d love to live, and becoming the person who belongs in that life?” ~ Sharon Good

Most people just need a swift kick in the pants to get their attention. To be a driving force in business, you must first determine what it takes to propel your potential forward. That’s you. Not your business. There are so many things in our personal lives that affect nearly every aspect of the business side of things. Getting those things under control in your personal life gives you more choices and more control over your business interests.

For example: I spoke recently to a friend who was having trouble following up with clients who had already shown an interest in her business. To me, that’s a transaction that is about to be made. When I asked her what made her feel that way, she said she could never be sure how they were going to react or what they might say, etc., etc. “I feel like I am soliciting.” That’s because when you are selling your product or service, you are soliciting their business. Realizing that you cannot predict or control what others might say or do, you only need to move forward and follow-up regardless. A lack of effective follow-up is, in my opinion, one of the biggest mistakes salespeople make.

It is the possibility of failure – the anticipation of failure – that paralyses action and becomes the primary reason for failure and ineffective problem solving. The real problem is working past the fear and accepting that for you to make the sale, you have to ask for the order! Time to muster up some courage. True courage isn’t about not feeling fear; it’s about feeling fear and doing what needs to be done in spite what or how you feel.

When you have your act together in your personal life, you can very quickly begin to realize that you can maximize the benefits of what you have learned because the path you take to complete recovery affects the direction your business will grow.

Remember, we are talking about reinventing yourself from the “inside out” first. When you do that you begin to make some noise in business that will arouse interest in what you are doing business wise. You will notice small increments of positive change that can often baffle your competition. You feel better about yourself. You pay closer attention to your customers and clients and your business begins to blossom. It recharges your creativity. You let go of fear or anything else that keeps you stuck which creates a space for the unknown to work its magic. Staying stuck dims your sparkle. You discover new ways of being, sometimes on your own and often with a coach.

“Anger and negative emotions of all kinds are dependent upon blame for their very existence. As soon as you stop blaming other people for what has happened and take responsibility for the future, your negative emotions cease, your mind becomes calm and clear, and you begin to make better decisions.” ~ Brian Tracy

butterflyTake a break and get your life together! You are sure to emerge all charged up and ready for whatever is next.

Every person faces the challenges of quickly moving from what they are now to what they need to become to be competitive. Focusing on getting your personal act together can accelerate change, the single most important strategic weapon for business success.

I know from personal experience that when people and new ideas all come together, business can move further, faster. The time you invest in your own personal growth goes from a cost of doing business to something that can transform your entire business perspective.

Your company’s greatest strategic resource is you. To move up in the world you must make sure that your company sees progress in you and that not only will you do a better job for them, but you will empower others along the way and even surpass their expectations.

Sometimes your eureka moment is when you give up a stance – “I can do this by myself. I don’t need any help!” – and try something new like giving up having to be right! We often struggle with limiting beliefs or stories about ourselves that hold us back from trying new things. It’s important to take control of who we will become or risk never reaching our full potential.

You have the power to solve whatever challenges you are facing. Believe me. You do. And… you may need to ask for help! There is no shame is asking for assistance when you need it. Every business person should have several close friends, confidents, that they can go to for help. Having that kind of network of support is important to put together before you need it.

Things may happen around you and things may happen to you, but the only things that really count are the things that happen within you.

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